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sunset view from the hotel property Atlantida villas - santorini

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On this page we provide some photos of the Atlantida Villas Hotel in Oia Santorini. To get a better idea of the facilities and hotel's traditional houses of Santorini hotel Atlantida villas, just click on the photo you want to enlarge.


Santorini photos & map from Santorini island


Geographical Facts about the island of Santorini :

Location: Southeastern Europe
Area: 96 km ²
Time Zone: GMT + 2hrs
Island location: 36.4N, 25.4E
Population : 11.000 people.
Population (winter) : 6.000 people.
Highest Mountain: 1,850 feet (564 m).
Coastline: approximately 69 kilometres
Coastline of the caldera 32 square miles
Santorini caldera height: 150 to 350 meters.
Nautical Miles: 130 from the port of Piraeus and 70 from Crete

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pool area of the hotel in santorini
photo from the hotel area atlantida villas
view of the caldera in oia santorini
accommodation studio of the hotel atlantida villas
caldera balcony view of the island of santorini
accommodation suite hotel atlantida villas in oia santorini
accommodation suite of the hotel in ia village
sunset from the hotel complex atlantida villas
atlantida suite in oia - ia santorini hotels
caldera view of Oia from the complex of the hotel atlantida villas
atlantida hotel balcony view of the santorini- cliff
oia hotel accommodation apartments - atlantida villas
hotel area atlantida villas - santorini hotels
hotel area Atlantida villa
view of the volcano from the hotel area of the Atlantida villas

Welcome to the magical village of Ia or Oia for the Greeks, the settlement is renowned for its small white houses and the amazing sunsets. It's lies at the northern tip of Santorini, clinging on the edge of the Caldera, overlooking the island of Thirassia. It's considered by many visitors of Santorini the most beautiful village in Greece.
Its unique architecture of a set of homes & cave-houses clinging to the rock of Caldera, results of these a village which it must-see for the unique design. Oia is a image that comes to mind when you think of the Greek islands, and it is without contest the most beautiful village on Santorini. There are a wide variety accommodation in Oia Santorini hotels. In this imagining area you will discover Atlantida villas which belong to the A class hotels in Oia, is offering accommodation in traditional houses to the visitors of Oia Santorini.

santorini oia sunset - ia
traditional building in the village of oia
oia village santorini by night
church in oia village - santorini
caldera view from oia santorini
oia village - santorini island
oia evening - photos of the oia sunset
photo of oia village - santorini
panoramic view of the village - santorini oia
boat trip at the caldera of santorini in oia
traditional houses in the village of oia
image from the area of the atlantida villas
view of oia village - santorini
sunset view from the hotel area
photos - church of santorini oia