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Atlantida villas hotel, Santorini Oia hotels apartments, studios & suites, accommodation in Oia Santorini Greece

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Atlantida villas in Oia Santorini Hotel, areas destinations

1 Santorini Airport: 20 km (taxi fare: € 25)
Santorini Port (Athinios): 24 km (taxi: 25 € )
Fira Town: 12 km (taxi fare: € 15, bus : € 1)
Baxedes Beach: 2 km
Armeni Beach: 230 steps
Supermarket: 50 m
Bus Stop: next to the complex

Santorini, Oia (Ia)

Ia or Oia for the Greeks is one of the most famous areas on Santorini island. The picturesque settlement of Oia (Ia), is situated on the rocky cliffs of Santorini at north side of the island. Oia has around 11 km distance from the capital of Santorini, Fira. Some unique characteristics of Oia are the magnificent "Caldera", view the imaginary landscape of volcano, the famous sunsets, the unique harmony of Oia settlement with the small white cave houses and small cobbled streets. All of these combine a unique environment contained in the most beautiful island of Cyclades, So, we are eager to welcome you in the picturesque Oia and in the hotel Atlantida villas.


Santorini Island, cyclades, Greece

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of Santorini island in Cyclades. This Cycladic Island, is one of the most popular destination in Greece. We all have seen some photos of Santorini landscapes with the white house’s to float into the cliffs of Caldera. The island combines some unique characteristics that can not easily find it to any other island of Cyclades, is a land full with contrasts, the combination of wild natural beauty of landscapes with the simplicity of Oia colors & of the others settlements makes Santorini island the ideal place for relaxing holidays in Greece.


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Hotel Atlantida villas

Welcome in Atlantida Villas hotel in Oia Santorini, Cyclades Islands. Hotel Atlantida Villas "traditional studios, suites and hotel apartments" complex is located in the beautiful settlement of Oia Santorini, on the north point of the island, 100m. high above the caldera on the edge of the cliffs. From Atlantida villas Santorini hotel guests are offered a surrounding view of the Caldera gulf and the mysterious volcano. Santorini Oia hotels.

Atlantida Villas Santorini hotel is an 'A class hotel of the Oia hotels and is operate from 1 April to 30 October offered accommodation in Studios, Suites & Apartments.

We guarantee from your balcony you will have a spectacular view to Santorini Volcano & Caldera sea...!
Otherwise your accommodation will be free of charge!
This boutique hotel "of traditional Studios, Apartments and Suites" is located at the beginning of Oia settlement, a sort walk from the central point of the settlement, on the most privilege location of Oia Santorini.

Oia view from the balcony, Atlantida villas hotel in Oia Ia Santorini hotels Accommodation of the complex, Atlantida villas hotel in Santorini Oia hotels
Santorini is the last south island of the Cyclades known for its unique beauty and the scenic landscapes. The view of Caldera at the hotel of Oia (Ia).... Hotel Atlantida villas: in Oia Santorini is offer facilities and services which are designed for to make your accommodation at the hotel....
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Hotel Atlantida Villas take great pride for its 19 fully equipped & nice designed accommodation "Apartments, Studios and Suites", all in the traditional Cycladic style, are built on different levels on the cliff, with terraces or balconies facing the panoramic view of the famous Caldera. The hotel's placement on Santorini island & in Oia (Ia) is a prototypic phenomenon. Any guest will be realize this at the first glance. Due to the great location of the hotel compex on the cliffs, guests can enjoy the Volcano and Santorini's magnificent sunsets which can be seen from both the interior and the exterior areas of the hotel complex, a vision that will stay etched in your mind forever, its time you remember Oia Santorini.

On this official web site of the hotel Atlantida villas we are provide you general information about: Description for each accommodation which offer the hotel "hotel's Suites, Apartments & Studios", travel info for visitors which like to spend the vacation on this unique island of Cyclades, with information about the beautiful settlement of Oia (Ia), the Surrounding Isles of Santorini with map of the island, Oia Santorini beaches and Oia Santorini sightseeing, also distances from Atlantida villas hotel "Apartments, Studios and Suites" from surrounding Sightseeing of Santorini & Oia.
All these make this hotel of Oia (Ia) one of the most organized Oia hotels in Santorini.

So, welcome in Atlantida villas hotel in oia (Ia): a unique place to stay, on the unique Oia Santorini in Greece!