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Better Rates

By making a booking directly with Atlantida Villas hotel ( means that you avoid any kind of commission fees for your reservation.
There for only Atlantida reservation department can offer you the best rates & Special Offers.

Atlantida Rates: incloude all taxes

All rates of Atlantida hotel in Oia incloude all taxes, Vats and services taxes...

Give attention:
Most of the online booking systems are not incloude several taxes but they forget to mention this, please kindly check all the reservation contents and rates of your booking. The Atlantida hotel have any responsibility and does not accept, if listed different elements in online reservation systems and in your reservation though one online.

Hotel Special Offers

All the submitted special offers are active and offered only for customers which book directly with the hotel.

Specific room types

Atlantida Villas have give allotment for specific room types in several online systems and web site which belong to travel agencies. Only through the hotel have the advance to choice from all the rooms types of the hotel.