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Greece Santorini

Santorini Island

Welcome to the most unique and spectacular island of Greece, the princess of the Aegean sea . Santorini is a famous Cycladic island with unique beauty that is make it so special, we believe words cannot truly capture the beauty of this magnificent land. Thira or Santorini is a group of islands, situated at the south part of Cyclades.

It's a place full with contrasts and unique characteristics, you can't find a place like this nowhere else in Greece. Due to its indescribable beauty it's the ideal place for unforgettable & romantic vacations in Greece.

Santorini offering many special things to do, whether you are in a family vacations, trip with friends or a romantic honeymoon trip, in Santorini island you can have it all.

Caldera Overview

Caldera means a basin, formed in circular shape in the middle of Santorini, created by a volcanic eruption. All the surrounding areas of this circular basin called Caldera. Some of the settlements of Santorini lies on the caldera cliffs are: Oia, Imerovigli, Fira, Firostefani, and all the others villages situated at the coastline of the island: Kamari, Perissa, Megalochori, Messaria, Pyrgos, Karterados, Vourvoulos, Akrotiri.

Due to the unique architecture of the Santorini, at the cliffs side situated several hotels which offering magnificent views of the volcano. Most of these hotels can be reached only by a large number of steps... (Atlantida Villas in Oia you will not have this problem). In Santorini you can find many types of accommodation as hotels, luxury hotels, villas, rooms for rent, traditional houses & cave houses and many more...

Santorini Beaches

Amoudi beach:
(On Santorini Map) - (Amoudi photo)
Amoudi is a place underneath of Oia, at the foot of the cliffs, can be accessed the visitors by car or by mules or going down from 300 steps from Oia town. The area include several taverns. The whole scenery is very picturesque and due the fact that Oia village is very close is worth it to have a visit.

Kamari Beach:
(On Santorini Map) - (kamari photo)
One famous beach of Santorini is the Kamari beach. This beach has very long coastline, with many restaurants, bars & cafés, there are as well sport facilities. Near to the coastline there are many hotels, rooms for rent and villas.

Perissa Beach:
(On Santorini Map) - (Perissa photo)
This beach situated on Southeastern side of the island. Is a black sandy beach of Kamari, the beach has be maded by lava and is extended about 7 klm, There you can find water sport facilities & a wide variety of dining and entertainment venues, as well dive schools.

Baxedes beach:
(On Santorini Map) - (Baxedes photo)
Located at the North-east side of the island, about 2,5 klm from Oia, it is ideal place for those that like to avoid crowd areas. Due to its location this Oia beach is affected from the summer northern winds "Meltemia".

Red & White beach:
(Santorini Map) - (red beach) - (white beach)
Closed to the areas of Akrotiri, are lies two of Santorini’s beaches: the Red & the White Beach. These beaches attracts many people because the red color of it's pebbles along the coastline. The white beach is covered with black sand and white pebbles, the access in this area isn't easy because it's surrounded by big white rocks, in order to reach this beach is possible only by boat.

Koloumbos Beach:
(On Santorini Map) - (kouloumbos photo)
Kouloumbos is not well known to the tourist however located on the northeastern side of Santorini. It's one of those beaches that the local Greeks want to keep as a secret. It is the ideal spot for those who wish to avoid the crowded beaches of Santorini.

Monolithos Beach
(On Santorini Map) - (Monolithos photo)
Nearby to Kamari we can find the beach of Monolithos. Also here we can find black pebbles cover all of this beach. A small part of Monolithos is organized, here tourist can find here a wide range of restaurants and bars, as well a few hotels.

Akrotiri Beach
(On Santorini Map) - (Akrotiri photo)
Situated at the southern tip of the Santorini island, slightly at the west, Akrotiri coastline is a very beautiful quiet enough beach. Is a very long enough, with dark sand s et below the yellowish volcanic cliffs carved by the winds. It's the ideal beach for tourists who wish to avoid the crowded beaches, as Perissa & Kamari.