In Atlantida Villas, It's no coincidence that the 1/3 of our clients, Are former quests of our hotel (Many of them make their vacations with us two or ... times ). In order to reward this our hotel have created the ``Former clients reward card(s)``.
With this, All former customers of Atlantida Villas, have the right up on their new arrival to the hotel, to get a discount to the official rate(s) -20%.
All the former clients must to know: Up on threir departure from the hotel, must ask and get the card reward from the hotel (with the stamp and the signature of Atlantida).
Atlantida reserve every right, not to accepted any discount demand from a quest if are not observe the following procedures...
Clients FAQ Questions

I am a former customer of Atlantida, what benefits I have?

What benefits I have, if i return to the hotel ?

All the formers clients of Atlantida have the right to ask us an additional discount on the official room rate(s). The discount on your room rate can be reach up to -20% of the official room rate(s).!

What i must do in order to become a former customer ?

First of all it must stayed even one time in our hotel, and also it`s necessary up on your departure to required from us to provide you the card of the hotel, with the necessary ``contents``.

I have the former client(s) reward card, what else i need ?

Please note, the hotel card it must to have the stamp and signature of our hotel and also the special id number in order to be available at the future to get the discount from us. If you have the reward card or the old proper clipping from the hotel brochure please send it to us by email in order to active for you the discount (-20%).

I'm a former client of the hotel, can i get this reward through an online system or a tr. agency?

No, All the special offers and all the reservations reward of the former clients are valid only with the direct reservations with the hotel Atlantida ... (To this, we aren`t make any absolute exception).

I haven`t stay with Atlantida villas again, can i get the former clients reward discount ?

No, Only the former quest of our hotel have this right, we can`t do any exception to this.!

There is anything else that i must to know about the former clients reward plan ?

All the holders of the Former client card(s) have Free cancelation policy & Room Upgrade (Is very important of course the Atlantida hotel to have the availability in order to support this / And this depends also, of the period of your reservation).!

You haven`t stay in Oia Santorini with us yet ? If not
You losing money then to the others hotels of the region

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